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cover The Dispossessed : An Ambiguous Utopia,
A Real Masterpiece.
by Ursula K. Le Guin

Unwilling to accept that his anarchist world must be separated from the rest of the civilized universe, Shevek, a brilliant physicist, risks his life by traveling to the utopian mother planet of Urras.

cover Starship Troopers,
Another Masterpiece.
by Robert A. Heinlein
Science Fiction and Fantasy Editor's Recommended Book, 05/01/97:
Juan Rico signed up with the Federal Reserve on a lark, but despite the hardships and rigorous training, he finds himself determined to make it as a cap trooper. In boot camp he will learn how to become a soldier, but when he graduates and war comes (as it always does for soldiers), he will learn why he is a soldier. Many consider this Hugo Award winner to be Robert Heinlein's finest work, and with good reason. Forget the battle scenes and high-tech weapons (though this novel has them)--this is Heinlein at the top of his game talking people and politics.

cover Solaris,
A Classic
by Stanislaw Lem

Stanislaw Lem's "Solaris" is a complex metaphor concerning the human knowledge, the existence of God, (but mainly,) it is a satyr on those "well-elaborated" theories that, in the end, no one understands exactly what it is about. Lem shows the reaction of human beings in the situation of confronting their own selves, their most deep desires and problems.

cover An Exchange of Hostages,
A Good Book
by Susan R. Matthews
Science Fiction and Fantasy Editor's Recommended Book, 04/01/97:
Andrej Koscuisko had graduated with the highest honors from the Mayon Medical Center and could have started a lucrative private practice. But his father had other plans for him, sending him to Fleet Orientation Station Medical where he will learn to become a Ship's Surgeon, a highly skilled torturer armed with the powerful Writ of Inquistion. Unable to escape his brutal training, Koscuisko will have to reconcile his natural empathy for the sick with a dark secret he will learn about himself. First-time author Susan Matthews demonstrates a sure hand and proves she's not afraid to take on a disturbing subject.

cover Ringworld,
An Award Collector
byLarry Niven
Nebula and Hugo Award Winner
Ringworld. Niven's solution to one heck of a population problem for a species that was so advanced it was scary. Thousand-year old technology built this masterpiece perfect...or did it. That is what Louis Wu: 200 year old space-worn traveler, Teela Brown: 20 year old walking rabbit's foot, Nessus: A two headed, three footed Pierson's Puppetter whose species likes playing God, and Speaker: an 8' tall Kzin with orange fur, and a 'sharp' smile. They are drawn together by fate to gather more data about Ringworld, a ring built around a star, billions of times Earth's surface area, to collect data and determine whether it is habital or just a worthless space artifact.

cover Hyperion,
Start of the Best Saga written in SF since Asimov's Foundation
by Dan Simmons
Hugo Award Winner
Hyperion is the first of a much-heralded two-part work -- including the The Fall of Hyperion -- about the last days of a vibrant yet self-destructive galactic civilization of humans called the Hegemony. The Hegemony is doomed because in exchange for the knowledge needed to conquer the stars, the human species sold its soul to a hive of machine-based intelligence known as Technocore. Six people embark on a pilgrimage to Hyperion, their only hope for redemption, to seek the help of the Shrike, a half-mechanical, half-organic creature that inspires both terror and devotion in its subjects. The book won the 1990 Hugo Award for Science Fiction.

cover The Fall of Hyperion ,
Hyperion Saga Continues
by Dan Simmons
The stunning continuation of the epic adventure begun in Hyperion. On the world of Hyperion the mysterious Time Tombs are opening. And the secrets they contain mean that nothing--nothing anywhere in the universe--will ever be the same.
Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine : State of the art science fiction...A landmark novel.

cover Endymion,
Third Book in the Best Saga of All Times
by Dan Simmons
Two hundred and seventy-four years after the fall of the WorldWeb in Fall of Hyperion, Raoul Endymion is sent on a quest. Retrieving Aenea from the Sphinx before the Church troops reach her is only the beginning. With help from a blue-skinned android named A. Bettik, Raoul and Aenea travel the river Tethys, pursued by Father Captain Frederico DeSoya, an influential warrior-priest and his troops. The shrike continues to make enigmatic appearances, and while many questions were raised in Hyperion and Fall of Hyperion, still more are raised here. Raoul's quest will continue in at least one more volume.

cover The Rise of Endymion,
Last Book(?) of the Saga
by Dan Simmons
The latest episode (following last year's Endymion) of Simmons' Foundation-like saga of the far future tells of the struggle for dominance between humanity and its siblings, one of which is a highly evolved race with artificial intelligence and another of which has experimented upon its own DNA until it is no longer quite human. What might be called classical humankind is under the rule of a newly established, dominant Catholic Church, which undertakes to exterminate one of its rivals, the Ousters, and also seeks the girl Aenea, part-human and part-machine and a messiah for whom the adventurer Endymion is guardian. But Endymion and Aenea part as their destinies begin to fulfill themselves, and before they meet again, Endymion leaps through time portals from world to world. These worlds, including a gas giant with jellyfishlike lifeforms in its upper atmosphere and an ice kingdom carved among mountain peaks, are brilliantly realized. Thus Simmons pushes his vast entertainment along unfalteringly. John Mort

Computer Books
Visual C++5 : The Complete Reference by Chris H. Pappas, William H., III Murray
Mfc Programming from the Ground Up by Herbert Schildt
C++ Strategies and Tactics (Addison-Wesley Professional Computing) by Robert B. Murray
C++ Interactive Course : Fast Mastery of C++ by Robert Lafore
Practical Object-Oriented Design by Mark Priestley

How to Rebuild Your Volkswagen Air-Cooled Engine by Tom Wilson

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